CSO's CyberDay 2015

Cybercrime, Attackers and the Dark Web: How CSOs Can Stay One Step Ahead

Now a global challenge, cyber security has evolved to dangerous levels that threaten corporations and national security. Personal privacy, business secrets and government intelligence are more vulnerable than ever before – and despite enormous efforts and investments to guard against attack. As corporations and governments are challenged to embrace new -- if not disruptive -- technologies to remain competitive, today’s CSOs and CISOs must stay a step ahead of bad actors, breaches and cyber crime that exploits the new digital enterprise.  

How do today’s hackers think and approach their craft? What will the next generation of malware look like, and how can security leaders protect their businesses? What critical facts about new vulnerabilities and hacker techniques do organizations generally not understand?

For answers to questions like these and more, join CSO for an immersive day of expert insights and high-level education designed to help you protect your organization.  When you do, you’ll meet experts -- including other CISOs and CSOs -- who can give you knowledge, strategies and tips you can use right away.

Our industry leaders will show you:
  • How hackers think and approach their craft
  • What the next generation of malware will look like
  • The vulnerabilities with new or disruptive technologies

Joel Brenner
Former Head of US Counterintelligence
Policy; Former Inspector General
National Security Agency
Chris Tarbell
Former FBI Special Agent